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Our business is inspired to satisfy public needs to find the best deals by using vouchers and to ease the process of sharing vouchers as gifts to others. From 2014, we’ve been in partnership and distributing vouchers from Carrefour, MAP, Indomaret, Alfamart, KFC, Hypermart, and many others.

Ultra Voucher vision
is to be the
One Voucher For All

Ultra Voucher is an app where you will stores all your voucher in one convenient balance.
Ultra Voucher is the fastest way to buy voucher and share to your friends, then earn rewards for You.
Before you purchase something, find many promo and discount voucher to pay your transaction!

Best Deal

We're providing vouchers with the best deal , without maximum transaction for all vouchers

Trust and Security

We're providing vouchers directly from our principal and we guarantee the originality of our vouchers and security of our transactions


We're providing variety of Vouchers from different category like F&B, Fashion, Beauty, Travel, Financial Product, and many others.

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