About Us

Company Background

Ultra Voucher was established in 2017, Initiated by Voucher Center Group, which has been in voucher distribution market since 23 May 2014.  Voucher Center Group consisted of PT Trimegah Sumber Mas, PT Indo Global Centralindo, and PT Trimegah Karya Pratama.

Our business is inspired to satisfy public needs to find the best deals by using vouchers and to ease the process of sharing vouchers as gifts to others. From 2014, we’ve been in partnership and distributing vouchers from Carrefour, MAP, Indomaret, Alfamart, KFC, Hypermart, and many others.


Our Ultra Voucher vision are to be the One Voucher For All.

1. Competitive in Pricing
2. Easiness in Purchase and Share Digital & Physical Voucher
3. Payment Channel for registered merchant
4. Easy to Switch with Other Voucher
5. Secured Transaction