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  • What are Ultra Vouchers?

    Ultra Voucher is an apps platform to get various types of vouchers with various categories of brands and benefits that you can get inside the apps. You can use the Ultra voucher on your smartphone by downloading the application on the AppStore or on the Play Store. In addition to the application, Ultra Voucher also has UVCG which also has many benefits for each user. Until now, Ultra Voucher has more than 300 integrated merchants and can be used at more than 40,000 outlets throughout Indonesia.

  • How to Redeem My Voucher?

    Open the Ultra Voucher application, Click the My Voucher menu, Choose the voucher you want to use, Give your smartphone to the cashier to redeem your voucher, the cashier inputs the outlet pin then a QR Code and voucher code appears, The cashier scans your QR voucher, Click Done, Transaction successful.

  • How Do I Redeem My UV Points?

    You can redeem UV Points via the rewards menu on the main page.

  • How Do I Get Ultra Value?

    You can buy Ultra Voucher Digital vouchers or Ultra Voucher Gift Cards on platforms that have collaborated with Ultra Vouchers such as Shopee, Tokopedia, Blibli, Lazada, and many more. You can also buy Ultra Voucher Digital vouchers directly from the Ultra Voucher application.

  • How Do I Share My Vouchers With Others?

    Select the voucher you want to share, select the voucher nominal, then select the recipient of the voucher to be distributed. Then, enter the mobile number of the voucher recipient, then send the voucher. Voucher has been sent successfully. Don’t forget, the expired voucher will not increase when the voucher is distributed from anyone and the voucher can only be distributed a maximum of 2 times.

  • How to Make Transactions?

    Open the Ultra Voucher application, then select the voucher you want to buy. Enter how many vouchers you want to buy, then click “Add to Cart”. Then there is a pop-up message “Do you want to continue shopping or pay immediately, Click Pay” then you will be directed directly to the Cart. When you are ready to proceed with the payment, select your preferred Payment Method and then click Next. Enter your password. Enter the OTP Code sent to your mobile for additional Verification. Details of your last purchase will appear in the “My Vouchers” list. Your new voucher is now available in the “My Voucher” Menu. Transaction Complete.

  • How to Register an Account in the Ultra Voucher Application?

    Download the Ultra Voucher application on Playstore (Android) or App Store (IOS). Once installed, open the Ultra Voucher application then click “Create Account”. Enter Email, Phone Number, and Password. Before clicking Save, please note to agree to the Terms & Conditions. Please verify your mobile number by entering the OTP code sent to your phone number via text message. Click Save. Registration Complete, Welcome Ultra Voucher – Happy Shopping!

  • How Do I Use a UV Gift Card?

    Check the physical condition of your voucher to make sure the PIN protector has not been rubbed off. If the seal is broken, please don’t accept it and ask for a new one. Open the Ultra Voucher application and enter the voucher nominal via the Scan QR Code located in the upper right corner of the main page of the Ultra Voucher application. Scan the QR Code printed on the card then rub the PIN protector. The voucher value will be automatically entered into the application and your voucher is ready to use.

  • How to Make Transactions Using Ultra Value?

    Open the Ultra Voucher application, select the voucher from the desired merchant, select the desired voucher nominal, buy and select the payment method using Ultra Value, Ultra Value that is approaching the expiration date will be automatically deducted according to the price of the voucher purchased. The voucher purchase has been successful.

  • How to Pay Phone Credit at Ultra Biller?

    Open the biller service then click the Phone Credit logo, Enter your mobile number or input through the contact list on your cellphone (previously you must give contact sync permission first for your contact list to the Ultra Voucher apps), Save the number you entered into the favorite list (optional), Then click Check Bills, After that your phone credit bill appears, Click the Pay Bills button, Enter the payment method, Make a payment, Payment is complete.