Ultra Voucher Gift Card


Ultra Voucher Gift Card is a card specially made by Ultra Voucher for corporations/companies that have many benefits and can be used inside the apps to shop for vouchers from more than 300 merchants or 40,000 stores throughout Indonesia.


Ultra Voucher is a technology product that sells Shopping Vouchers/Gift-Cards, for physical vouchers and digital vouchers. Through UV App and Ultra Voucher Gift Card, users can directly connect with 300 merchants and 40,000 outlets spread throughout Indonesia. Ultra Voucher has various merchant categories, start from Food & Beverage, Lifestyle, E-commerce, Entertainment, Investment, Department Store, Beauty & Relaxation, Hotel & Travel, Accessories & Jewelry categories, and others.

Ultra Voucher Gift Card (UVGC) can be used in the Ultra Voucher app to shop at merchants who have collaborated with Ultra Vouchers. Ultra Voucher Gift Card (UVGC) is also present as an alternative gift for relatives or company programs to employees that is more attractive, easy, and of course, has a wide reach in Indonesia.

Advantages of Ultra Vouchers.

Why we created Ultra Voucher Gift Card


One of the biggest risks in using vouchers is fraud. UV Gift Card can only be activated with a PIN.


Ultra voucher gift card (UVGC) has an expiration date (6 months maximum). Users will get a notification a week before entering the expiration period. And when the voucher enters its expiry date, the voucher no longer can be used and can’t be extended.


Ultra Voucher Gift Card analyzes user data, so it can help companies to make the next decision.


Ultra Voucher has more than 200+ merchants, 38,000+ outlets. Starting from food & beverage, fashion, health, entertainment, to investment with additional profitable DISCOUNTS.


Vouchers can be designed according to the company's request with applicable terms & conditions.


Shopping in multiples of 10,000 can give you 1 point to you rewards.


Collect points and you can exchange it for other vouchers.

My Voucher

Paid vouchers will automatically registered into the Voucherku menu.

Gift Voucher

Vouchers can be shared or given to your closest people.

Ultra Value

Is a place to store voucher balances from Ultra Voucher Gift Cards.

Category Merchant Voucher

Ultra Voucher has 200+ merchants and 38,000+ outlets with several categories.


Redeemed vouchers will be saved in the History feature.

Scan QR Code

Scan the nominal contained in the Ultra Voucher Gift Card.

How to use Gift Card

Easy steps to transfer Gift Card balance into Ultra Voucher App.

Please check the physical condition of the voucher. Do not accept if the seal is broken. Make sure the pin guard has not been rubbed off.

Download the Ultra Voucher application on the Google Play Store Apple App Store.

Open the Ultra Voucher application and register by entering your name, email & mobile number.

Scan the QR Code in the upper right corner of the Ultra Voucher Application Home. Scan the QR Code printed on the card and rub the PIN protector. Voucher balance will be entered automatically into the application & the voucher is ready to be used as needed.

UV Gift Card
Validity Period

  1. Ultra Value, which is UVGC digital, has an expiration date (6 months maximum).
  2. When the voucher is nearing the expiration date, Users will get a notification a week before entering the expiration period.
  3. When the voucher enters its expiry date, the voucher no longer can be used and can’t be extended.
Ultra Voucher Gift Card
Ultra Voucher Gift Card

UV Gift Card
Share Voucher

  1. Vouchers can be shared a maximum of 2 times.
  2. Users can choose the voucher to share.
  3. Select the voucher nominal to be shared.
  4. Enter the mobile number of the voucher recipient. Then send vouchers.
  5. Congratulations, the voucher has been successfully sent. Expiry will not increase when the voucher is shared with anyone.